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Let Kenny Play!

TMZ and Harvey Levin's paparazzi love to get Kenny with his hat off....and good for Kenny that he is taking it off these days....Yes,some of the fans think his head as a hat on it permanently,but this is a good sign that he can relax....The guy is a multi-millionaire who has NOTHING to prove..The blonde's are a MUCH more dangerous accessory for this country boy from East Tennessee....KC from JC: do NOT underestimate how much this can cost you! As long as you know you worked too hard to give your wealth up to a golddigger. The Playboy Club is fun to go don't buy! Let your Mom find you a good East Tennessee girl! Better work with David Copperfield and he will show you how to make your money disappear!!! Be very careful...and don't be scared to take that hat off...


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