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Kid Rock ...Rated R for mature audiences only

I listen to Howard Stern alone in my car...sometimes....Ok I admit it...
with that said I am hardly a prude....
I am very conflicted about Kid Rock showing up at all these country music shows..this weekend at Stagecoach for example....He ran late pushing Chesney to a very late start and that was RUDE! and worse he has songs with the F bomb in it and that has NO place at a country music show. Or if it does since when?
Country Music has adult themes...BUT headliner Kenny Chesney is NOT one of them...hes a family safe act and there were a lot of families that had to leave that show because of this guy.....That's not cool....put him on the Hell raiser shows with you know the acts...NOT the ones where families feel safe..its hurts everyone...this big tent may be getting a little too big... and Yes I liked the Summertime song a lot....I sometimes like him...about like Howard Stern...a time and a place...


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