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Kenny flies through his first song...

I think we can move Kenny now to Vegas! I just paid 123 bucks for a Cirque de Soleil ticket and there was Kenny Chesney right in my own backyard!
This is how he opens the new tour...on a trapeze kind of thing...Bette Midler has used this kind of rig in her Vegas act. His opening song is She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy..the end is the beginning...and so it goes...51 minutes of fast before you hit the first ballad...this guy is too much! The FANS love the overhead singing...look in the shot..look at all the redeye cameras and flashes going off!
I not sure who exactly shot this wonderful picture..but my new pals Erin & Lauren have it and some other pictures on their web site so check it out when you is their site....They seem to be rich and travel to all the good shows... The internet is giving old CMT and GAC a run for their money!


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