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Chasing ratings in the big cities....

ACM's Sunday night in Las Vegas...Of course people want to see the heavy hitters...keith,carrie,brad,trace with the west point glee club...BUT here comes the big BUT...
It's a three hour show and that is a lot of time to fill....Will the non country music fans in Boston and NYC and Philadelphia care about the Level B and C acts who could barely sell hard tickets to a bar show. Three hours may be WAY too long for the Nielsen families.
The power hitters might could fill a great hour. The desire not to have some of the genre's older ratings grabbers will be a sad time when those overnights hit the street Monday. I hope I am wrong.
The answer before the Monday morning quarterbacking was to increase the Kenny Rogers,Willie,Merle,Toby factor to get some older audience. Have them play with the new kids. Get that bulk audience that radio can't program for...TV can.... Then sprinkle the newbie acts in between and non tune in times and heavily tease the big guys...That is what they will probably do BUT I sure see a lot of folks in the early rehearsals I wouldnt cut on CMT to see...SOOOOO The Oscars cant fill 3 hours...not sure in this day and time the ACM's will....


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