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Carrie's the star of the show....

The wins,the dress,the shout out to the boyfriend Mike...Carrie had the game figured out just like she did on American Idol. She is the fan favorite of those she competed against...BUT should the Entertainer of the Year be decided by computer voters ? Kenny last year said NO...I say NO..Change the name of the award to Fan Favorite then fine.......The dress..pure show biz and Porter Waggoner would have been proud....


  1. Late comment: I don't mind Carrie winning for Entertainer. It's not just concert tickets sold. It's TV appearances, how you represent country music, your overall success. She did more shows in 2008 than her fellow nominees. She's had the (or one of the) highlight performances at the last 3 country awards shows (the Eddy Arnold ACM tribute with Brad, Just A Dream at the CMAs, I Told You So this year - brilliant).

    True, it's early in her career and she didn't win this the way Reba did. And Brad deserves to be honored. But the ACM knew full well Carrie was going to win the fan vote when they nominated her. If they didn't want her to win, she wouldn't have. Just look at last year: Rascal Flatts didn't take Entertainer despite campaigning hard for the fan votes.

    IMO Carrie's win is part of the larger story that came out of the ACMs. It's one that the always-savvy Reba has latched right onto as she gets her new single going. Girl power. Youth. That's what's getting ratings, that's what's selling. Did you see the Associated Press article on Reba and her new song? That's what it's about. As long as the talent and the songs are there, and with people like Carrie, Reba, and Miranda they are, we're in good shape.

    Another comment: Isn't it interesting how with country radio going so pop, Carrie's on there covering Randy Travis? Carrie and Brad are the best young hopes for preserving country music history while moving forward, in my opinion.


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