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Another Stage is Falling Down…..
Jimmy Carter

8 dead…over 300 hurt this week after storms push over concert stages in the U.S. and Europe. A half dozen similar events in the last few years. At what point do the artists or show promoters say enough is enough!!! 
This week a concert strategies expert told ABC News the outdoor concert world is like the wild west. Different rules and regs everywhere. Not a bit of consistency.
Common sense is obviously gone. The weather events were predicted and mostly ignored by fans at both shows. The Indy storm was completely forecasted while the Brussells show not as much. Why did the public safety people in Indy choose to ignore the weather basics? Lightning within 10 miles, frightening sky conditions, storm track plots by many. Incompetence  for sure. Negligence maybe. Hope there is a through investigation. For the Fair execs and security folks this won’t turn out well.
I felt very bad for Sugarland at their show reopening in New Mexico. They look traumatized. Post traumatic Stress Syndrome. I hope someone is looking out for those that were at the event. Sometimes you need professional help to get back on track.
While the stages are falling the fans are still getting crunk. 83 busted for booze at Darien Lake,New York. Rascal Flatts concert. Whoa! The underage drinking is getting more prevalent. It’s a society issue that spills into the concert arenas.
Let’s see , Country Music as an industry doesn’t seem to speak out against underage-teen drinking.. despite the fact it’s a huge problem with I bet a 1000 arrested at various shows this Summer. The CMA nor others speak out against dangerous conditions their members are put under at work. The collapsing stages, promoters who ignore weather warnings,etc.  Can’t stop that money flow. ZERO social responsibility!
The growth of Country Music in Europe is great news. The growing acceptability of social media is positive. The drunks at the concerts is a growing issue. A festering sore that is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg very soon if this isn’t cleaned up.
The safety concerns at outdoor shows better get cleaned up too. Audiences must have some personal responsibility but they must know that someone in authority is looking out for their well being. How could anyone in charge at the Indy State Fair say they were doing that last Saturday Night?
A totally preventable accident.  Err on the side of caution. Give the weather alerts. Don’t have people under a temporary stage in bad weather. Comomon sense!
The artists on up must demand a safe place to work. Artists should not have to worry about getting hit by lightning or the stage falling down with them on it! Fans must demand public safety protection too. The billion dollar business better reinvest in its future with some rules that are obeyed!


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