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Good Super Bowl tweets

Team Coco ‏‪-- The ultimate Super Bowl commercial would feature a woman in a bikini riding a talking horse while eating a Crunchy Beefrageous Cheeserrito Greg Miller ‏‪-- They just teleported the rest of Destiny's Child to the ‪#SuperBowl from the alternate dimension Beyonce trapped them in. Ali LeRoi -- It was nice to see ‪#DestinyChildren in their new jobs as backup dancers ‪#superbowl Onion Sports Network ‏‪-- JaMarcus Russell Terrier Shows Up To Puppy Bowl 30 Pounds Overweight ‪#SuperBowl Robert Hernandez ‏‪-- Did Bane just take over the ‪#SuperBowl or something?! Men's Humor ‏-- Is this the ‪#Superbowl or a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial? Jillian Bell ‏‪-- I turned the lights off in my house to feel like I'm at the game. ‪#superbowl Lance Ulanoff ‏‪-- This is a publicity stunt for Star Trek: Into Darkness ‪#SuperBowl ‪#Blackout Katie Mack ‏‪-- So now Daniel Craig comes over in a helicopter and the Queen parachutes down to fix the lights... wait, no, wrong event. Jason Shellen ‏‪-- I assume the New Orleans police have the Animal Planet PuppyBowl team in custody. ‪#lightsout ‪#SuperBowl2013 Superdome Light Crew ‏(parody account) -- What people don't talk about is how the lights were on for the entire first half.. #smh #SuperBowl Frank Caliendo ‏‪-- Best marketing scam ever. 6 extra commercials so far. ‪#LightsOut Brett Foster ‏‪-- Only need half the lights anyway as only half the teams are playing. ‪#superbowl47 Nick Toplass ‏‪-- In hindsight, maybe installing The Clapper was a bad idea. Joe Randazzo ‏‪-- Guys I'm AT the ‪#SuperBowl and this power outage is no joke. Most of us have broken into small but loyal factions. I am now a doctor. Will Ferrell ‏‪‏‪(parody account) -- This time, it's the rich people trapped in the Superdome. ‪#superbowl47" Jason Dunn ‏‪-- I may or may not have cried during that stupid Budweiser horse commercial. ‪#superbowl47 Jon Sukarangsan ‏‪-- Next time my girlfriend is winning an argument, I'll just throw the circuit breaker and give it 35 minutes ‪#superbowl47 Cassie ‏‪-- I've cried for the troops, farmers and horses. And I'm boycotting pistachios. ‪#superbowl47 DaynaTrisNYC -- How many blackouts does each team get per game? Baltimore better use one soon... ‪#superbowl47 The Sklar Brothers ‏-- I just want to tell Jim Harbaugh that there was a lot of holding that wasn't called in the Puppy Bowl either. #SB47 #sklarbowl Harry Knowles -- EDGAR ALLAN POE has a Super Bowl Win! Yes! Jocks never belittle the poet in your school again!


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