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Brad Paisley Serious about WATER!

Live Beyond... is partnering with Brad and Kim Paisley to provide clean water in Haiti and challenge others to donate. The Live Beyond... Thirst campaign is targeting establishment of 100 clean water collection sites which will support the entire community of Thomazeau, Haiti. "Clean water leads to healthy people, which leads to less time trying to survive and more time trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives." Brad Paisley Recognizing that pure water is essential to health and wellness throughout the world, MMDR provides a number of methods for water purification and filtration depending upon the needs of the situation. MMDR typically either provides water on a household basis or for an entire community. In Haiti, where cholera has ravaged many of the rural villages MMDR has supplied Sawyer 0.1 water filters to individual families to help stem the spread of the deadly disease. In Ghana, where entire island villages depend upon the contaminated local lake water, MMDR provides a New Life water purifier with a great enough capacity for the entire village. Other situations call for other means of providing clean water.


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