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This is what internet blogger Nikki Finke wrote that got her reporter for the Oscar's credential removed...It's their party and they can remove whomever they chose...and they chose to remove this publication for revealing the show's rundown.....
Hundreds of people in LA who go to the rehearsals know this's secret to the hundreds and someone leaked it out...WikiOscar leaks...It may or may not be accurate....but here it is...
Courtesy of Deadline...Nikki Finke...go find it on the internet...great site!

Steven Spielberg will award Best Picture ... Hilary Swank and Kathryn Bigelow will hand out Best Director ... Hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway pop up almost every minute and make at least 5 wardrobe changes and open the show with one of those Billy Crystal-originated films putting themselves into scenes from all the 10 nominated movies ... UPDATE: A "Guest Host" will perform a monologue about 2/3s of the way into the show and the person isn't identified and every insider isn't talking -- but I bet it's Billy Crystal (which could make these Oscars worth watching)* ... Florence (of Florence And The Machine) will perform with A.R. Rahman the 127 Hours song "If I Rise" ... Celine Dion will sing "Smile" during the In Memoriam segment ... A tribute to Lena Horne will be presented by Halle Berry ... So-called 'Scenic Transitions' to Hollywood's past will consist of virtual reality lookbacks (at the very first Oscars, the films Gone With The Wind andLord Of The Rings, movie music from The Silent Era and Broadway Melody and THX, the first televised Academy Awards in black & white, and Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood) ... New writers will join Bruce Vilanch and John Mack including Grammy Awards vet David Wilde and Judd Apatow-regular Jordan Rubin  ... Presenters won't have to read those lame jokes ... UPDATE: The student choir from the New York City/Staten Island School PS 22 student choir is going to close the show by singing "Over the Rainbow" fromThe Wizard Of Oz ...* These are pretty much the only interesting moments awaiting the audience Sunday when the show airs starting at 5 PM and continues for what feels like an eternity.

dont tell anyone ...this is all secret!  They may come get your tv and make you watch the National Geographic Channel while the Oscars are on!!! shhhhhhh


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