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NASHVILLE- The personal touch of Carl Perkins, legendary musician and writer, is alive and well today, thanks to some great advice and guitar demonstrations  he gave Luckey, one half of the KMG duo, Curtis and Luckey. The duo's self penned single, "Eye Candy" is  making waves on the airwaves and  in clubs around the nation. Duo partner and co-writer, Luckey Moore, credits Hall of Famer  Perksin's for any music success he achieves.
Carl Perkins was a family friend of Luckey's. Growing up, Luckey spent time literally sitting at the feet of Perkins as he taught  him some guitar licks, songwriting techniques and overall advice about music. 
"Carl told me that a good song had to make you feel something, like move your feet, laugh, cry or give you hope.  He said when you write a song, you're using words to say something that somebody else, somewhere couldn't find the words to say; and you're using music to carry those words to them," Luckey explained.

One of Luckey's most prized possessions is a guitar selected for him by the award winning musician. "I loved watching Carl play. He told  me little things about  playing like having a soft touch on the guitar like you're stroking it, and how the guitar becomes an extension of you when it's being played.  He was right, it has become a part of me", Luckey continued.
"I remember one day, he listened a long time to me playing, and he was looking so serious I thought he didn't like it.  Then, he looked me in the eyes, smiled really big, and told me I had that soft touch, and one day I could be an "old guitar picker" like him. I can't think of any thing greater than being half the man he was inside."
From the time they hit the stage till the final note, Curtis and  Luckey take their audience on a unique musical journey that promises to lift your spirits. The two combine their gifts of songwriting and singing into a high energy performance gaining fans everywhere they play. 
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