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Kodiak Bears at a park in Washington State

They look like big Teddy Bears....some would even say CUTE.....I looked them up to see: Interactions with people In most circumstances, Kodiak bears are shy and attempt to avoid encounters with people. The most notable exceptions to this behavior pattern occur when bears are surprised, threatened, or attracted by human food, garbage, or hunter-killed game. Bear safety precautions center around avoiding such situations, understanding bear needs and behavior, and learning how to recognize the warning signs bears give when stressed.[18][19] The most recent occurrence of a fatal bear attack on a person on the Kodiak archipelago was in 1999.[20] The National Geographic Society filmed a television program about two brown bear attacks. A fatal attack occurred on Uganik Island (November 3rd, 1999) part of the Kodiak archipelago, the other attack occurred on Raspberry Island, home to two full service wilderness lodges. Both hunters were returning to game they had killed previously and left alone to go kill another. One of the hunters was killed by the bear and the other, after being attacked, stabbed the bear with a knife, then recovered his rifle and killed the attacking bear. Prior to that, the last fatality was in 1921.[21] Both incidents involved hunters that were hunting by themselves. About once every other year a bear injures a person on Kodiak.[22]


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