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From Manning Mania to Spring Break Country
Jimmy Carter

Music City awaits the verdict. Is Peyton coming or not? This is bigger than anything I can think of that’s gone down here…stay tuned…the drama can’t build any higher…
If country music was as wild as a Luke Bryan show in Panama City what a wild world this would be.
Music when you a teenager should get you excited. To say the least, Luke Bryan has fans clothes falling off in some cases at Spinnaker’s where Kenny Chesney boiled the fans for several years. Beware when Luke goes into Country Girl Shake it For Me when many of the girls have downed a few drinks at the beach…whew!
Eric Church’s crowd was partying hard too but not like the Bryan gang! At the pool parties really didn’t hear a lot of country this year. I did hear RED SOLO CUP to no ones surprise.
Republican presidential campaigns certainly spin more than a few county tunes and their victory parties and rally’s. Brooks and Dunn Only in America still a huge favorite..
Toby Keith’s 3 year old thoroughbred Reckless Jerry has a big weekend in Hot Springs planned. The Rebel Stakes is a prelude to possible Kentucky Derby run.
Toby seems to have all the bases covered these days…From horse racing to songs on the radio to swamp water drinks for St Patty’s day at his food chain.
Ipads are everywhere here..great on the tour bus too…next week a report on who bit for a new one and I may get Ipad number 4..I love my 2 ones and one 2. Amazing invention.
Lionel Richie on HSN Home Shopping Network begins his stepped up push to release of his country duets cd..Tuskegee.
Trace Adkins pushing sausage..Lionel on HSN..Springsteen making speeches at SXSW. Different world requires non traditional ways of doing business. The internet selling cd’s a 25 cents..$3.49 on google and amazon? Whats that all about?
How about that $999 dollar ticket for BamaJam? You get to stand on stage! $999 whoa…I bet for 5 grand they will dangle you from the spotlight mast!
Things seem a little calm around here with Spring vacations and ACM buildup. ACMs Vegas April 1. I just got back from Spring break..I’ll watch that one on TV..Vegas once a six months should be the limit.


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