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Strikeforce Welterweight Championship Bout
Nick Diaz (Champion)  vs.  Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos (Challenger)
Round 1) Both fighters come forth in the middle of the cage with the same intention: putting another loss on their opponent's record. Cyborg slams a hard inside leg kick to the front right leg of the southpaw Diaz. Diaz throws a few light jabs, but still looks to wait for an opportunity to counter the Brazilian. Cyborg pursues his attempt to eradicate the base of Diaz as he continues to throw dozens of inside leg kicks to the right lower thigh of Diaz. Each strike blasts Diaz's leg out of his stance. Diaz peppers his opponent with pawing jabs. Cyborg begins to find a home for his right fist on the chin of Diaz, though Diaz remains unfazed. Both fighters clinch against the cage, and Diaz begins to initiate that "Streets of Stockton" trash talk that he has become so infamous for. A few knees to the body from both competitors, the clinch breaks, and both fighters circle away. Diaz starts landing jabs consistently, puts together a wicked three punch combo, and stuns Cyborg. Cyborg begins to wobble, and looks to be fading (either from the stiff and straight punches from Diaz, from a lack of gas in the tank, or from a likely combination of both).  Diaz pushes a dazed Cyborg Santos into the fence, and begins to unload a flurry of jabs and hooks. Diaz gets neck and neck with Cyborg against the fence, and unleashes a series of brutal hooks to the abdominal area of Cyborg Santos. The struggle moves away from the fence, and both fighters exchange hands with Diaz getting the better of the trade. The bell signals a moment reprieve for the two combatants. Round 2)  Cyborg resumes his assault on the front right leg of Nick Diaz, as he swings each leg kick like an ax into the sturdy leg that is the foundation of Diaz. Cyborg opens up with his strikes, and flurries on a conserved Diaz. Diaz lands a few stiff jabs, but seems to be hesitant to return the pain to Santos. This could possibly indicate that the champion is waiting for Cyborg to gas out so that his chin will become a more recessive target, since "fatigue makes cowards of men." Diaz begins to land a few slick combinations. Upon this newfound success, Diaz fires a hard left straight down the pipe, and lands on the chin of Cyborg. Cyborg his hurt from the strike, and is momentarily put on skates. This prompts the Chute Boxe product to close the seat of war, and take Diaz to the mat. Almost immediately, Diaz (from his back in open guard) acquires an underhook on Cyborg's left leg, and uses it to rotate his own hips so that he may seek out the armbar on the right arm of Cyborg. His attempt is not in vain, as he latches onto the right arm of Santos, rolls him over, and spells imminent defeat for the man known as "Cyborg." Diaz digs into the body of Santos with a few hammerfists, and extends the captive arm without mercy. Diaz retains his belt with an armbar submission victory at 4:50 into the second round. Both fighters are humble towards each other, as well as their respective outcomes of the fight. Diaz gave thanks to his camp, training partners, fans, and Strikeforce itself.
Once again, another great night of competition at the HP Pavilion in San, Jose, California is recorded in MMA history. I hope that everyone enjoyed my rendering of the main event, and that it illustrated a portrait for those who were deprived the joy of watching it firsthand.
                                                                                  'Til next time,
                                                                                   Josh Yelverton


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