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50 years of "The Price Is Right"

It's Like Circling and Can't Land

It’s Like Circling and Can’t Land Jimmy Carter   Labor Day is gone and we are in football and award season.  The Fall shows are almost back on the four “main” tv networks. VMA’s, now Emmy’s, CMA’s and Oscar buzz. It sounds like such a busy,fun time of the year but WAIT!!!!!!!!!!   As you read the press coming out of Music City and Hollywood something just doesn’t feel right. Covid worries and ignorance surrounds us. And we can’t break out. On broadcast/cable news, sample a half hour local or national. Local: covid stories, the weather and maybe one crime story. National: its Covid, Afghanistan, Trump something. It’s pretty much a steady diet of the same thing over and over. From Nashville, there is a Dolly story of some kind every day. We went many months between Dolly headlines in some years. George Strait is announcing a pretty busy Fall schedule of shows. The CMA nominations really didn’t create a lot of reaction. Award shows in general just seem to fall of deaf ears these days. Tru

A Ten Year Overnight Success

A Ten Year Overnight Success Jimmy Carter   How many of the artists on Country radio today came to Nashville with a few bucks and a dream? Probably most of them.  Reading the back story of Baskin, Louisiana’s Lainey Wilson who is celebrating her first number one, “Things a Man Oughta Know”.  She is one of those 10 year overnight successes. Came to Nashville after high school…lived in a camper trailer for three years parked outside a family friends recording studio. She tried a lot of pathways to stardom. How many times did she have talks with herself about calling it a day and going back home? Can’t imagine what the odds are for a new artist getting a number one song. But think about how many people have come to town with a dream and got sent home. Garth went home once and came back. Sold boots at Rivergate.  Still think someone should make a movie about Tim, Kenny and Tracy as roommates in an apartment complex near the Nashville airport. And all three made it to number one…what were t

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