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Well....that's the New York fashionista's at work.....

I am not sure where her real hair ends and the foo-foo begins....This is from some New York fashion show this week...Kellie Pickler is such a pretty girl... I guess this is what you would call "fun" fashion....I guess...I think.... Maybe they get paid by the hour and not buy the job at these things...whew...

The latest...Tuesday March 31

Hard to do this everyday..but here we go... New keith and rodney cds out today...Ent Weekly gave urban a "B" said it needed an edge...heard that from someone else..The boy is happy! he can't help it.... Toby Keith's music coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 ROCK BAND....Taylor Swift fans know everything about Taylor with that said She is on the Tonight Show Thursday April 2..and cover girl on Seventeen..cute... The Oprah show with Sugarland,Kenny,Carrie and more done but no airdate yet..coming soon...also Carrie seen at Georgia Aquarium Saturday. She was in town with her hockey player boyfriend who plays with Ottawa....

Hurry up and make the movie!

Ran into Otis Redding's grandson this weekend in Macon,Georgia. Otis's widow has been very slow to get things like books,movies going. It's been almost 40 years,I would say slow is an understatement. With that said,things may now be moving forward. The Georgia Music Hall of Fame still has an exhibit of a few of Otis's posters,etc. It's cool to look back and a great story he has too. It's a big black/white culture mesh. Management and fans did not obey color lines. He still had to endure the discrimination. The music,the fame,a lot of story and it can't come soon enough...Dock of the Bay just touches his catalogue. The Sad Song,Can't turn you loose, too many to name.. It will be a rocking film...Hurry up!

Pollen off the scale...even on top of Old Smokey

My truck looked like I had been in a dust storm...a storm of pollen. The pines trees were sending off gas like pollen...amazing time of the year for those like me with issues in the breathing area. This stream above is around 2500 feet on Monteagle between Chattanooga and Nashville...stop right there on the Interstate and popped off a shot. The weather was crazy over the weekend but not unprecedented. 4 inches of rain in Macon for the Cherry Blossom festival. Still Pat Green played and he was excellent! Tuesday is new keith urban cd day and the cd will sell...its very consumer friendly. Rodney Atkins has one too... A blog tomorrow about a visit to two Macon eateries well worth mentions and The Ga. Music Hall of Fame. Sadness though, former Opry manager Hal Durham died. Good man...did a lot to bring the Opry into today. Also sadness for the families of the NC nursing home massacres. Mass shootings seem to be back. My law enforcement dad always had several observation tips. One was,neve

Dan Seals was a Good Man!

I loved the song,I'd Really Love to See You Tonight. Dan Seals went by the professional name,Englad Dan then working with john Ford Coley. Big pop song. Dan was from a West Texas musical family filled with all kinds of music. One relative was part of the band that created "Tequila". Another was part of the pop duo-Seals & Crofts. Dan went on to Country music with 11 #1's. A fun song called,BOP for one. Most of all....he was a good guy. a Gentleman. Lots of people make music. Many in the entertainment business are not very nice. Dan was. Story after story today on his random acts of kindess. Paying for a lunch for a young DJ or just simply not being a 'pain" when he was at a gig. A gentleman... a good guy.. He fought the Cancer and lost..way too young 61. But wouldnt we all want to be remember as a good guy above almost everything we accomplished at work? Miss you dan and thanks for all the nice music and how happy you made our lives from time to time.

Role Models...and buy it by the Gallon

It was nice to meet and work with someone who sort of help raise me...Captain Kangaroo...Bob Keeshan...a great man..Mornings in the original days of TV had the Today Show but on CBS it was the kids..and the to be able to produce a show co hosted...Working with your childhood heroes rarely happens....I was so lucky....He was everything I hoped he would be too! The buy it by the gallon reference: everyone is SOOOOO spray tanned on Dancing with the Stars whew....its a bit over the top...I liek tan but everyone looks like George Hamilton.

New tires and Old stories...

The boys of Summer getting ready in Clearwater....Phillies Jenkins knocks one out of the park! Today: Truck needed 2 tires( they made it 68,000 miles so not bad) cha-ching over 400 bucks...Front brakes made it 68,000 miles too..cha ching.....Never has been aligned...cha-ching.....WHEW and the replaced back tire had a huge nail..that would have been ugly... Don't you love expenses like that???? Necessary evil..BUTTTTTTT.. Newsgathering for the morning...Dems want to save the newspapers...( see Facebook case you don't have that it would be search: jimmy carter nashville)...CBS follows the trend of recent country award shows and wants NOTHING to do with legacy artists dead or alive...It's an infomercial for the current acts...I understand how the game is played but it is still wrong. The Grammy's still control their show somewhat and do respect the BB Kings etc...Country NOPE..what's wrong with this picture? back to news hunting...some wooly booger stories

addition to last post..Tracy Lawrence

The artist was Tracy Lawrence....front tire blew out in Nebraska I guess I need to find a better blog thingy:) Can't find the delete or anything else once you post....See fighting with the technology is part of it....Off to Taylor Swift dancer auditions..I will let you know what I find...
My at the time 10 year old ( now 11) with Miley at Cool Springs Mall-Nashville) Are we reading these blogs to gain information....probably so....I'm efforting to link this with my site.....I did get Twitter to talk to Facebook. I did convert over to IMac and Macbook pro..It's moving along....At least Im not doing this with a PC....dont think i could...These Apple products are expensive BUT they just WORK! Now...let's learn a few things: The LeAnn Rimes story is and was weird. We better not find out she or something near her faked all that to get publicity! No Zac Efron in the new Footloose. Bad movie the first time around but had good music. Kenny Ortega of Dirty Dancing and HS Musical fame is the boss so it might be huge! With or without ZAC. Oscar nominated actress Anne Hathaway up for new film on the life of Judy Garland. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. That as Oscar writted all over it..Garland had a train wreck of a life. The Dancing with the Star

Jonaspalooza..the real things

They are big!!...The pre sale for their concerts in the weeks ahead blew up the server...Team Jonas continues to have a hard time keeping up with demand.....30 bucks to join the web site/club then you need an access code's a mess....They try...they all try..... Imagine the Beatles were as hot as they were and began selling concert tickets or anything right now. It would make the Jonas sales pale BUT they are the teenage girls flavor of the moment so here we are. The review of their Houston rodeo appearance was good. The boy are NOT the Monkees. The have support but do play and sing. Will they stay around more than this Summer. That is always hard to tell. New Disney TV show coming that might help or overexpose. Overexpose...Taylor Swift is borderline heading in that overexposure direction....She needs some new stories and the ah shucks I've won thing has to go....Believe it Taylor and you are going to get a lot of Grammy noms later this year so get over it now! Great gal.

He was Nixon after Nixon but before the latest Nixon

Anthony Hopkins was a great Nixon too...Who would think that "Tricky Dick" would get two world class actors to play him. I am "thinking" about writing a book...Keyword: THINKING. I would talk about the stars I met for sure. But the names with the places and how a skinny little boy from Alabama could make it to Graceland,The White House,backstage in Vegas,Hollywood and in the cockpit of the supersonic "Concorde" somewhere over the North Atlantic. There's a murder, life and death at a swimming pool and much more. Also,how you act like the little train that could,I think I can.... Just a thought but I've talked to Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King in Selma and been to the movies with Princess Diana in London. The murder is a good story...Anyone have any feedback on this idea?

At this point he was just GOOSE

Without looking it up,wasn't Anthony Edwards playing the character "Goose" in Top Gun? I think this picture was even pre-Top Gun. He did take a shot at film until he landed E.R.... Nice enough guy in those days....My hair looks a bit thin LOL..... Watching CNN,Anderson Cooper.. It's a good show BUT they did a story tonight making AIG execs the subject of some "poor" people's ridicule. 160 million isn't squat to what the feds toss away on everything from handout's to crooked governments around the world to all kinds of welfare for lazy people who will not work. The AIG gang is guilty and got caught. Sending ACORN people to demonize rich people is a very danegerous class warfare game. This is very dangerous territory. Do we want to become a Socialist country? I dont think so...

Post Number Two...I've seen an Umbrella fly!

Ok...Im still trying to get a picture here where I want right here: This happened at a Phillies Spring game in was weird...I look up and this huge umbrella is in the air...BIG umbrella too... then boom down then back up.... No one was hurt BUT It would have hurt if this thing had come down on someone.... Florida: the land of everything...

The end of March Spring Break Month...

I love technology....since I had a little crystal set radio as a little boy...Picking AM radio signals out of the air...It changed me forever.. I was younger than these late teens/20 something's on the beaches of Brevard County,Fl. this month. Ipods and Tattoos and texting fill your eyes these days. I do everything but tattoo. Never wanted to stick a needle into anything for any reason but medical. These kids are probably no different than my class accept for the fact no girl wore than small a bathing suit back in the 70's! And no men wore there swimsuits to their knees... The pierced nipples on a guy was more than I could take. SO back to the reason I am doing say a few things and pass along some news...depending on how fast we can put these things online....Technology is my friend..Isn't it?