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Childress Boils over on Kyle Bush....Old School Reckoning For the KID!

Here is one bland version --- USA TODAY   KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — NASCAR is looking into reports that Kyle Busch (FSY)and 65-year-old car owner Richard Childress were involved in an altercation Saturday after the Trucks Series race at Kansas Speedway.

another: this is more likely what happened..
 from SB Nation..

If the details we've heard so far are indeed accurate – and we haven't heard anything to indicate they aren't – the Busch/Joey Coulter incident at the end of the Kansas Truck Series race was the last straw for Childress.
The six-time champion team owner, tired of Busch damaging his vehicles, apparently knew exactly what he wanted to do – and it wasn't to have a conversation with the driver they call "Rowdy." He allegedly removed his watch prior to approaching Busch, which meant he anticipated a physical confrontation.
At that point, Busch was allegedly assaulted. He was put into a headlock, punched several times and was soon curled up on the ground. When he attempted to get up, Childress reportedly took another swing.
Here's the thing: From the moment Childress approached, there was no possible positive outcome for Busch.
Since Busch didn't fight back, he's now viewed as a guy who got his ass kicked by a 65-year-old grandpa. Childress gets portrayed as a hero in the eyes of many fans, who took to social media channels to express their joy that Busch was beaten.
The other option for Busch was to fight back, which would have been even worse. Can you imagine the headlines if he'd punched a retirement-aged NASCAR legend in the face? He might have lost sponsorship, points and perhaps his job.
Childress' decision to fight meant Busch's best option was to simply take his whooping. It was better than being the driver who gave an old man a broken nose.
It will be interesting to see how Busch reacts to this. If he comments about it, what will he say? Would he dare to press criminal charges? Will he brush it off and let NASCAR handle it?
The aftermath of Saturday's throwdown should be very revealing. We'll keep you posted on any new developments.


Statement Sunday morning first thing from Nascar:

“NASCAR has reviewed the incident involving Richard Childress and Kyle Busch after the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race Saturday at Kansas Speedway.  We have met with all parties involved and have determined what happened yesterday is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by NASCAR.
Richard Childress’s actions were not appropriate and fell far short of the standard we expect of owners in this sport. We have met with Childress this morning and made our position very clear to him. Further, we expect he will make it clear to all in his organization to ensure this situation does not escalate any further. We will announce our actions regarding this incident Monday.
Kyle Busch remains on probation with NASCAR and we continue to watch his actions carefully. However, we have determined that Kyle’s involvement in this incident does not violate his probation and no further action is required.”


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