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People Are Putting Old Concert Photos Online from the 1960's...

from 1967 and 1968...I don't think I even had a camera...sure didnt think of taking it to a show..I was a dummy back then too... Check these out...very very rare:

The Ohio Express...yummy yummy yummy..chewy chewy...down at lulus
The Buckinghams  1967

Boyce & Hart..My friend Tommy Boyce..sure miss him,,!  wrote for Monkees..I wonder what she's doing them
Mark Lindsay..still on the road

behind Bhams Boutwell auditorium 1967 Neil Diamond...check the truck for the Shondells

Dan Brennan with the Raiders,,,,Dan with the big smile..

Rob Grill and Warren Enter ( may have not spelled that right) the soul of the Grassroots at Bham airport in 1967

Lightning Lou Christie

Sam The Sham...Lil Red Riding Hood...Wolly Bulllyyyyyy

Tommy James at Boutwell/bham

Billy Joe Royal...downtown bham


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