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A message for Mom

A message to Momma... Moms are under a lot of pressure...moms worry a lot (mine sure did when my brother was in Vietnam)..they are so opposite of dad..they smell better too..

moms put up with a lot of stuff..moms are crazy and can throw a fit! You never tell them enough that you love them.. You hope they use their mom radar and know..

Moms...would walk through fire for you...wear last years clothes so you can have something new... Moms are not allowed to get sick.. Moms have to do a lot of yucky things because of their job description.. Moms work too many jobs...

 Moms need a vacation they rarely get..moms are scarey.. Moms bring you into this world and can take you out! I miss my Mom..I miss my mothers hands..I miss her yelling at me!:)

Moms are special... Moms are beautiful... Moms cook better than any great chef .. 

Happy Mothers Day Michelle,Mary,LeeAnn and Eva Jane Carter up in heaven! 

Great Moms 24/7 365 No one can make you cry like your momma!


  1. Very special note!!!! Thanks for remembering all of us. Love you!


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